• Marketers receive verified awareness confirmation of advertisement
  • Consumers get paid answering simple products/services questions
  • Media receive fees for displaying marketers questions to consumers

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The Idea of AdKinect


AdKinect is an exciting new system for corroborating advertising effectiveness and confirming advertising targeting. We call it Benefical Awareness Marketing (BAM!). The idea is to make prospective customers aware of marketers' campaigns and brands, and get active (rather than passive) feedback on whether their campaigns have been successful.

And it is beneficial for all three parties - marketers, customers and media. To provide active feedback beneficial to the marketers, we pay customers money based on whether they are aware of marketers' campaigns. We work with media to display marketers' AdKinect ads on their websites, helping them earn revenue through us and drive traffic to their sites.

How it Works Watch the Video

Words on Us

A fantastic marketing idea! The greatest business innovation in 10 years!!!

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